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Tremendous Compassion! Goes above and beyond!!

"I have worked with Lisa and her staff on two occasions when I needed financial help and received comprehensive, caring, through representation, almost like/family, I cannot say enough about them!!!! My life is so much better thanks to The McCue law firm."

How Bankruptcy Can Help Save Your Home From Foreclosure

We are frequently contacted by desperate homeowners who are struggling to save their homes from a pending foreclosure sale.  They may or may not have defended the foreclosure.  Quite often, a sale date has already been set by the court by the time they call us. At this point, they wonder, is there anything they […]


How Mortgage Modification Mediation (MMM) in Bankruptcy Works

Applying for a loan modification can be a time-consuming, frustrating process.  You mail or fax a huge package of completed forms or documents to your mortgage servicer, only to be told they never received them.  You resend them, often multiple times.  To follow up, you call the servicer, speaking to a different person every time.  […]